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50Hz 60Hz Converter Inc

The increased torque obviously suggests higher ROTOR losses. But the fact that you mention the increased loss measurement of the 50Hz 60Hz frequency converter, makes me assume this is from a steady state loss test (please confirm), and the higher losses could be attributed to anywhere in the machine?

You can double the frequency with converters. in 1914 they used this for longwave radio. they used 10 khz generators doubled it 4-6 times and had 160 khz and more. this was enough to send telegrams from berlin naunin to newyork. today it is also a big problem in the network by overdriving the converters and semiconductors are producing nonlinearity and hiher harmonics of wave. this overloads cosinus compensation condensators and they are burning which would be dangerous in a coal mine for this they use filters and set the condensator to 170 hertz. but here in your case it is normal. like switched high frequency power circuits it allows to use smaller transformer and less ripple and light generator. they are research to develop motors by 100000 hertz to replace big motors with 1-2 cm small reluktance motors. another point is with 50 hertz you can only have 3000 rpm and dc motors with 5000 rpm today. but chemical industry needs much more for centrifugal systems. Are you suggesting that the Europeans (and all other countries in the world operating at 220v 50 Hz) convert 220v 50Hz to 120v 60Hz? Or should North America (and Brazil and many other countries in the world) "slow down" to operate at 220v 50 Hz? Simple question for you: who would pay for such frequency converters? There are no possible savings derived from a global standardization that could pay for such costly proposition. Then, if we are not going to standardize the synchronous frequency (where we have just two possibilities), what is the point of talking about the voltages?

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